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L. Flobbe, R. Verbrugge, P. Hendriks and I. Krämer,
Children’s application of theory of mind in reasoning and language.
Journal of Logic, Language and Information, 17 (4), 2008, pp. 417-442.
Special issue on formal models for real people, edited by M. Counihan. [ abstract | pdf ]

Research Projects

Children's development of reasoning about other people's minds. (MSc thesis)
by L. Flobbe, supervisors: P. Hendriks, I.Krämer, L. C. Verbrugge

Many social situations require a mental model of the knowledge, beliefs, goals, and intentions of others: a Theory of Mind (ToM). If a person can reason about other people’s beliefs about his own beliefs or intentions, he is demonstrating second order ToM reasoning
A standard task to test second order reasoning is the false belief task. A different approach is used by Hedden and Zhang (2002, Cognition), who investigated the application of ToM reasoning in a strategic game. Another task that is thought to involve second order ToM is the comprehension of sentences that the listener can only understand by considering the speaker’s alternatives.
In this research a group of 8-10 year old children and a group of adults were tested on (adaptations of) the three tasks described above. The results show interesting differences between adults and children, between the three tasks, and between this experiment and previous research.

The results of this research were presented at the workshop Formal Models for Real People. The thesis can be downloaded here (862K). For one of the experiments in this research project, I developed a computer game, which is described here.

How is the alphabet stored? Using priming to distinguish direct association from serial search (BSc project)
by L. Flobbe, supervisor: H. van Rijn

Alphabetic retrieval is a prototypical task that is studied to gain insight into how humans learn and process long lists. We shall study two conflicting models of this process: serial search and direct association. To distinguish between these models, we shall derive predictions about priming effects that occur when items are paired. In a new experiment, we measure these priming effects. Although the small data set does not allow strong conclusions, it shows that a pure associational model alone is too simplistic. [ full report (pdf) | slide show (in Dutch, pdf) ]

Teaching / Onderwijs

Stappenplan voor het oplossen van een bewegingsvergelijking voor het vak Fysische Methoden in 2004-2005.

Class assignments / Opdrachten

Tussen quantumdeeltjes en geesten... recensie van The Emperor's New Mind van Roger Penrose. Recensie voor het vak "Generalisten lezen met een wetenschapsfilosofiesche bril" van Theo Kuipers.

Determinisme en vrije wil bij de Stoa. Kort essay voor het eerstejaarsvak Filosofie van de Oudheid.

De Communistische Partij Duitsland (KPD) van 1918-1933, met Marleen Flobbe. Werkstuk voor het vak geschiedenis (middelbare school). Inmiddels in PDF, maar ooit geschreven in WordPerfect. De voorpagina is verloren gegaan en mogelijk zijn er enkele andere layout-aspecten niet meer zoals we ze oorspronkelijk bedoeld hadden.

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