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Dutch-English Bilingual Alphabet Poster

English-Dutch Alphabet Poster
with short vowel sounds and hard c

English-Dutch Alphabet Alphabet
with long vowel sounds and soft c


Use one of the links below to download a full resolution poster (6000x9000 pixels). Suggested printing size is 30cm x 45cm.

Short vowel sounds and hard c, 6000x9000 pixels, 9MB.
Long vowel sounds and soft c, 6000x9000 pixels, 9MB.

Copyright for the poster

Design by Liesbeth Flobbe. Some rights reserved.

The copyright holder and license for each photo are listed in the below.

EN NL Photographer Licence URL
apple appel Alessio Maffeis Flickr
ape* aap* Jason Pier in DC Flickr
bus bus Nik Morris (van Leiden) Flickr
cactus cactus Nicolas F. Flickr
circus circus Tom Goskar Flickr
dinosaur dinosaurus Dave Catchpole Flickr
elbow elleboog Fernando de Sousa Flickr
factory fabriek Bob Jagendorf Flickr
goat geit swallowsan Flickr
hand hand Amrit Flickr
insect insect Benjamin Asmussen Flickr
idea idee Massimo Barbieri Flickr
judo judo Singapore 2010 Youth Olympic Games Flickr
kitchen keuken j l t Flickr
lion leeuw William Warby Flickr
moon maan Bart van Leeuwen Flickr
nose neus David Amsler Flickr
otter otter David Stanley Flickr
open open Henry Burrows Flickr
piano piano wolfhawk Flickr
quilt quilt moon angel Flickr
rainbow regenboog David grimes Flickr
snake slang apesomatic herpetologist Flickr
tent tent Megan Eaves Flickr
ultraviolet ultraviolet brx0 Flickr
uniform uniform Kelly Michals Flickr
violin viool protographer23 Flickr
water water yngwiemanux Flickr
xylophone xylofoon Frédérique Voisin-Demery Flickr
yoghurt yoghurt Véronique & Farzad Gouilly-Frossard & Farid Flickr
zebra zebra belgianchocolate Flickr

*ape=mensaap, simian=aap